Prenatal University is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Prenatal University and "Music and The Preborn Classroom Program" grew out of the pioneering work in "Prenatal Enrichment", first developed in 1979 by Dr. Rene Van de Carr, an obstetrician based in Hayward, California. 

Dr. Van de Carr states; "There is an ideal time in prenatal development, beginning at about the fifth month of pregnancy. Interaction between the baby and its environment stimulates brain growth both before and after birth."

In 1986, Prenatal University was established. 

By the 1990’s, Prenatal University had collected data on more than 3,000 children who had graduated. 

Since then, Prenatal University has published scientific articles about these children and given numerous lectures, conferences, and interviews on national and international television, periodicals and magazines.

Due to time constraints, most news coverage emphasizes having “smarter” babies, but barely touch upon the practical ways to teach your “Preborn Baby” before birth, and the incredible good feelings and positive bonding that can occur among family members who use the Prenatal University Program. 

This is why Prenatal University and Dr. Van de Carr, have decided to release “Music and The Preborn Classroom” book, DVD audiobook and My Preborn Baby's Diary, with hopes that many new parents can join the thousands of satisfied families who have used Prenatal University's "Prenatal Enrichment" program. 

This new program provides a comprehensive Preborn curriculum, designed for preborns, newborns, infants and family members.    The goal of Prenatal University is to help parents and family members foster a better Preborn environment for the baby, before and after birth.

Recently, Dr. Van de Carr launched a very important educational method called the "Motherhood Mentors Program", designed for "Pregnancy Assisting Clinics". Motherhood Mentors Program provides community clinics and organizations the structure, tools and techniques to help and teach single mothers-to-be, living below the poverty level, about how to prevent long term neural injury of their babies.  

Studies have now proven that the infants of poverty mothers may be suffering brain damage, which can be diagnosed and demonstrated on magnetic imaging studies (MRI). 

The Motherhood Mentors Program provides stressed and impoverished mothers, a comprehensive, working understanding, of the "Mother/Infant" relationship.  By facilitating a positive and proactive physical, mother/infant interaction, during the pregnancy, and by establishing positive habit patterns, mothers create beneficial change that will continue through their infant's childhood and beyond. 

With the help of a community "Motherhood Mentors", women can gain maternal skills and individual self esteem, and in doing so, change their crisis lifestyle, while improving their Preborn baby's future and neural health. 

A truly viable solution....

This gives communities a structured and tangible opportunity to reduce the damaging affects of poverty and the enormous secondary expense that is repeated with each generation of this group of impoverished individuals.

With the Motherhood Mentors Program, communities can step in with a "community safety net" and support single mothers-to-be, mothers of newborns and of infants, with a tangible solution.