Our Mission

The mission of Prenatal University is to provide leading-edge research and public educational programs that include bonding, communication and music exercises to enhance happiness and cognitive health from preborn through Adulthood. We promote our mission by distributing education to prenatal, family and women’s health facilities, and the public throughout the United States, to encourage enhancement of the preborn's environment and family bonding. 

Our Vision

Prenatal University envisions family bonding and communications between parents and preborn babies that can produce effects that could last a lifetime. Prenatal University wants to provide opportunities for enhanced and healthy brain development and joyful early learning, that can result in a lifetime love of learning.

Our Goal

Our goal is to inspire the awareness of the cognitive potential of every preborn baby. In addition, our goal is to promote understanding that the baby's neural growth is dependent upon sensory signals from the environment and the preborn baby's interaction with that environment. We hope to revise a popular and sometimes misunderstood concept that, "normal" healthy brain development can exclude necessary neural input and environmental stimulation.  

The alternative "normal" is to:

1) Provide "prebirth" touch (non-verbal communication) , as well as verbal and musical communication, each of which, will provide developmental input for functionally specific areas of the baby's brain.

2) Provide active and immediate interactive relationship between mother and baby at birth using touch, voice, and music, while also developing long-term social benefits of breastfeeding. 

3) Promote continued touch, voice and music as "environmental enrichment" into childhood and beyond.

4) Provide a greater understanding that; the implementation of these goals can reduce and forestall the damaging effect of poverty on the babies of impoverished mothers.