"The baby that is breastfeeding, 

is not only breastfeeding, 

but is learning to become human."

Dr. Rene Van de Carr

Father of the Preborn Classroom

Founder of Prenatal University

 The experience of social activity, beyond the nutritive benefit of breastfeeding, the contact and closeness, 

the skin touching and the talking, is really where the enrichment and learning process takes place.  

If a mother cannot breast feed for medical reasons or chooses not to breastfeed, or if a father, grandparent or other family member is care giving your baby, then "pseudo" breastfeeding will still provide the essential social enrichment for your baby, as long as the bottle is not propped up and the baby left by itself to feed.  

The key is for a newborn baby or infant, to experience a mother or father's activities, 

while having skin to skin contact and listening to talking, at the same time.  


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