Music and The Preborn Classroom 

for Special Needs

 Downs Syndrome, Dyslexia, Trauma, Autism, Autistic Spectral Disorders and ADHD

 Music offers us new therapeutic pathways 

by which we can reach those that have been cut off from us by their disabilities. 

 Based on studies, we would encourage mothers, with this prenatal diagnosis of Downs Syndrome, to gather hope.  

It is recommended to begin Our "Prenatal Enrichment Program" as soon as possible, following this prenatal diagnosis. 

The earlier you start the “brain-priming phase” of our “Prenatal Enrichment Program”,  

the more opportunity you have to derive the enrichment benefits. 




There are many variations of disability that may not have been mentioned. 

It is our hope that "Music and The Preborn Classroom; Prenatal Enrichment Program", 

will demonstrate that there is a general awakening to the possibilities of what music offers. 

Music techniques can bring new alternative pathways to reach the inner person 

who may be trapped behind their impedimental challenge.  

We hope that this inspires those with loved ones 

who have special needs to research and discover the gift of music.

We invite you to visit to learn more.


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