Brothers and Sisters Learn to Develop Positive Relationships With Their New Baby

"The goal of Prenatal University is to help parents and family members foster a better "preborn" environment for their baby and provide opportunities for early bonding and learning relationships between parents, family and child, that can last a lifetime."                                                         

Dr. Rene Van de Carr                                                                                           Father of the Preborn Classroom                                                                          Founder of Prenatal University

We’ve all heard stories about how first or even second children in a family, might have challenges when a new baby brother or sister is soon to arrive.  Words like jealousy, envy and even grief, can describe how your other children in the family might react to the arrival of a new sibling, depending on how old they are.

It’s important to keep in mind that your first and/or second child have been the lead actors on the stage of your family life, receiving all your love, attention and affection. Because of this, many new emotions can arise for siblings and mother, as well as fathers.

There are many excellent books and blogs that share very useful methods and suggestions that can help to make these normal emotional growing pains, less painful.

Music and The Preborn Classroom, a renown “preborn enrichment” program, offers an alternative to families that can actually begin the bonding and communication experience, between your preborn baby and their older brothers and sisters, before birth.  In essence, Music and The Preborn Classroom is enrichment for the entire family, including Grandparents and very close friends.

Instead of older children either feeling displaced, which can lead to isolation or acting out such as outbursts of anger or sadness, families can begin sharing together, the experience of their new preborn baby while still in the womb.

The proven methods of “preborn enrichment”, explained in Music and The Preborn Classroom, utilizes touch, music, sound, voice, words, songs and vibration. Everyone in the family can enjoy and participate using these methods during planned interaction. The wonderful shared experience can ultimately produce lasting relationships, beyond birth, and that can last a lifetime.  


                                      Please share Music and The Preborn Classroom                                              with other mothers and fathers-to-be and grandparents-to be.  

Future generations will thank you ;-)

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