Current Research and Educational Programs

Developing programs and exercises to counter factors

that may decrease cognitive capability for a child’s future years

                                      Our charitable outreach program called Motherhood Mentors Program                                       addresses the damaging effect of poverty on the babies of impoverished mothers.
Details of this program will be presented at the November 2017  -  APPPAH 20th International Congress                 The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health 


Developing strategy’s for protection of the Preborn and infants

that could result from the increasing legalization of marijuana.

Although marijuana has been reported as giving nausea relief to cancer patients,

  the use of marijuana for nausea due to pregnancy is not recommended

due to the decrease of oxygen levels that result from the inhalation of smoke. 

Also, the smoke during an infants delicate lung development is important to consider. 

Cannabis oil may create issues of balance for a pregnant mother which could result in injury.