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A Baby's Brain Development Begins Long Before Birth

100 billion neurons by birth and an astonishing 250,000 neurons a minute are multiplying in the first month, following conception. Dr. Rene Van de Carr; "Father of the Preborn Classroom", explains that preborn babies can learn to respond to different kinds of stimuli, including touch, sound, and music.

"There is an ideal time in your baby's development, when interaction with their environment will stimulate brain growth, both before and after birth."  

Discover the World of Preborn Babies

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Understanding how                                           a "Preborn baby" develops,           beginning from conception...                                                                                                                                                                                            ... provides us ways to                                       bond and communicate,                                   starting before birth,                                     and that can last for a lifetime.             

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Together We Can Strengthen and Encourage Bonding with Fathers

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Brothers and Sisters Can Learn       to Develop Positive Relationships               With Their New Baby,                           Starting Before Birth

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A Child's First Classroom
Begins Before Birth...

A Life Long Love of Learning is in Reach...

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