Prenatal University's
Music and The Preborn Classroom
& Motherhood Mentors Program
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Did you know…

Every 8 seconds a baby is born in the United States?

One in five children are living in poverty in the United States, 
according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Discover the World                          of Preborn Babies 

Music and                                         The Preborn Classroom

With the help of generous grants and community support, we will reach up to 14,000 community-based, low-income health and pregnancy clinics, which provide comprehensive health care for women and families across America.

Prenatal University will provide mothers-to-be with "Preborn Enrichment" educational materials.

Discover The World of Preborn Babies, as well as Music and The Preborn Classroom, will explain how important "Preborn Enrichment" is to the healthy brain development of their baby, before and after birth. Mothers-to-be and their families will learn simple methods using touch, sound, vision, sense of position and motion, as well as prenatal smell and taste, which can begin as early as 14 weeks after conception and continue well beyond birth.


               " A gift of enrichment
given before birth,
is a gift that will last
for generations."

Dr. Rene Van de Carr

            Father of
The Preborn Classroom

Founder of Prenatal University
Since 1986

        Prenatal University
      Motherhood Mentors Program


Our charitable outreach program called Motherhood Mentors Program
addresses the damaging effect of poverty on the babies of impoverished mothers due to stress and neglect.

Our "Prenatal Enrichment Program" has been shown to produce above normal capabilities in each of the areas where intellectual deficiency have been identified: impaired language ability, impaired memory, impaired listening attentiveness and reduced self-control.

Prenatal University's Motherhood Mentors Program, will train health and pregnancy center educators, how best to help less fortunate mothers and their babies and is designed to correct this preventable, diagnosable neural challenge that produces 6% less brain surface.

Our Motherhood Mentors Program will provide community clinics and organizations the structure, tools, and techniques, to help mothers-to-be, living below the poverty level, prevent long-term neural challenge to their babies. 



Prenatal University 
Motherhood Mentors 
Pilot Program
Phase One (California)

              We've just launched Prenatal University's Motherhood Mentors California Pilot Program!                                      We are very excited to share all the updates about this wonderful program.  
So many people have been asking how they can help this much needed program 
and how they might be able to bring it into their own community. 

During Phase One of our Motherhood Mentors Programs, 
your early support will help us to first complete 
Prenatal University's Motherhood Mentors California Pilot Program.  
With your help, the cornerstone of this program will be completed;
Motherhood Mentor Clinic Educator manuals and materials, 
Educational materials for low-income mothers-to-be, 
Motherhood Mentor Program Learning Portal and 
Motherhood Mentor Certification Program development. 
Help Us Protect Preborn America!