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Prenatal University DVD

The Prenatal University DVD

1 DVD Disk


Education before Education

A Baby's Brain Development Begins                         
Long Before Birth

100 billion neurons by birth and an astonishing 250,000 neurons a minute are multiplying in the first month, following conception. Dr. Rene Van de Carr, M.D. "Grandfather of the Preborn Classroom", explains that preborn babies can learn to respond to different kinds of stimuli, including sound and touch. 

"There is a critical time in a preborn's development, beginning at about the fifth month of pregnancy. Interaction between the baby and its environment stimulates brain growth both before and after birth."

Knowing how a "Preborn baby" develops,
provides parents-to-be and families ways to communicate and bond for a lifetime.

Understanding how a Preborn Baby’s brain develops, brings a deeper understanding of why music is critical to a child’s educational experience and their life-long love of learning.

Learn how sound, music, voices and touch, contribute to a Preborn Baby’s awareness of it environment before birth.

Learn more about the importance of “music integrated education” and the valuable research that explains how music plays a critical factor in the development of language, motor skills, and healthy social interaction.

Discover simple and enjoyable techniques that parents-to-be, brothers, sisters, and grandparents can share with your Preborn Baby, before and after birth.