Together We Can Strengthen and Encourage Bonding with Fathers

In past years, multiple researchers have revealed how important the role of the father is in a child’s life, especially in terms of personality, sociability, as well as intellectual and cognitive development.    

If you desire is to have a permanent meaningful rewarding relationship with your child, there is no better way than to start communicating and loving your pre-born baby during pregnancy and then continuing on to the birth and the early formative years. The timing is important, because if you wait too long, you may not be able to go back and make it up later.  

The word “engrossment” has been used to describe a fathers committed involvement to their baby.  A father’s “engrossment” is defined as having; “definitive behavioral characteristics with their newborn”.  

 Here is a list of these characteristics:

                  Visual awareness of their newborn baby

                  Desire for tactile contact with their newborn baby

                  Awareness of the unique features of their baby

                  A perception that their baby is perfect

                  Father experiences a feeling of elation

                  Father is alert to baby’s cues

                  Father entertains baby when their baby is awake.

                  Father comforts baby when their baby is anxious or crying.

A man’s relationship with a newborn or infant is different than the mothers and amazingly, babies are very discerning of those differences. Usually the father is physically larger than the mother. Imagine yourself as a baby, looking up at two giants that you are dependent upon for everything in life. Your preborn baby may be thinking "There is a smaller giant that feeds me with her breasts, and then there’s a really big one, that’s maybe, just a little bit scary but when he holds me, I feel safe and loved". Many fathers tend to change their personality when the baby brings out their softer, nurturing side. It appears that this “engrossment” and attachment to their baby, grows with time.


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